Recent PhD Alumni

This Recent Alumni sample highlights the varied research topic focuses and career paths our doctoral graduates seek.


Cara D'Amico, Ph.D.

Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb
"Droplet Microfluidics Coupled to Mass Spectrometry for Pharmacological Applications"
Advisor: Robert T. Kennedy, Ph.D.

Josh Lott, Ph.D.

Medical Science Liaison, Merz Aesthetics
"Delineating the Specificity of Cannabinoid Effects by Investigating Cannabinoid Receptor-1 Trafficking and Signaling"
Advisor: Manoj Puthenveedu, Ph.D.

Andrea Pesch, Ph.D.

Sr Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Loxo Onocology
"Targeting DNA Damage, Apoptosis, and the Cell Cycle for the Radiosensitization of Aggressive Forms of Breast Cancer"
Advisors: Corey Speers, MD, PhD and James Rae, PhD


Naincy Chandan, PhD

Principle Scientist Research, Genentech
"Identification and Characterization of G Protein Signaling Networks by Proximity Labeling-Coupled Proteomics"
Advisor: Alan Smrkca, Ph.D.

Nnamdi Edokobi, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP
"The Role of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Gene Scn1b in the developing pediatric heart"
Advisor: Lori L. Isom, Ph.D.

Julie Philippe Gupta, Ph.D.

Life Sciences Consultant, Putnam Associates
"Ankyrin-B is Lipid-Modified by S-Palmitoylation to Promote Dendritic Membrane Scaffolding of Voltage Gated Sodium Channel Nav1.2 in Neurons"
Advisor: Paul Jenkins, Ph.D.

Alina Morales, Ph.D.

Scientific Associate, Viscira
"Regulation of Chromaffin Cell Exocytosis via Endogenously Secreted Signaling Molecules Acetylcholine and PACAP"
Advisor: Arun Anantharam, Ph.D.

Bryan Sears, Ph.D.

Clinical Research Associate, Univ. of Michigan
"Investigating the Acute and Chronic Effects of Known and Novel Opioid Ligands"
Advisor: Emily Jutkiewicz, Ph.D.