Nathalie Momplaisir

Pharmacology PhD Student
Smrcka Lab


Areas of Interest

GPCRs are 7 transmembrane domain proteins that regulate a variety of cellular functions. In the Smrcka lab, we are interested in understanding the role that signaling molecules downstream of specific GPCRs play in cardiovascular function, immune function, cancer mutations, and many more cellular functions. I am interested in G⍺i-coupled receptors along with novel effectors that are regulated by these receptors.
I am particularly interested in investigating the regulatory role that G⍺i coupled receptors may play in the regulation of the neuroprotective protein - ADNP.  Mutations gene encoding ADNP lead to pathophysiological conditions, such as autism. Hence, investigating the mechanistic link between G⍺i-coupled receptors and ADNP will provide a new approach in the understanding of signaling pathways that contribute to normal cellular functions and dysregulated cellular events.