July 24, 2017

Congratulations 2017 MS Degree Students

Our MS degree students presented their thesis on July 20th and 21st.

Thursday, July 20th

Zachary Popovich: Otoprotectiveeffects of ORC-13661 when co-administered with aminoglycosides: a mechanistic evaluation

Boya Zhang: The role of the synaptotagmincalcium-sensing loops in the regulation of fusion pore dynamics

Wooree Ko: Age-Dependent Fusion Properties of Dense Core Granules

Yuda Chen: The Mitochondrial Ca Uniporter (MCU) and Beta Cell Function

Aulina Chowdhury: Alcohol and Alcohol Use Disorders: Mechanisms, Treatments and the Varied Impact of Different Genetic Polymorphisms in Alcohol Metabolizing Enzymes

Friday, July 21st

Da'Quan Craven: The mechanism of action of 12-lipoxygenase: investigation of its role in reactive oxygen species generation in human platelets

Seungbae Yang: Low Dose Ketamine and Major Depressive Disorder: A literature Review and fMRI Study of Normal Volunteer Case Reports

Xujia Zhou: Voltage-gated sodium channel α subunit expression in the Scn1b model of Dravet Syndrome

Ruizhuo Chen: G protein activation induced by delta opioid receptor agonists in mouse brain slices

Benjamin Wasserman: Antidepressant-Like Actions of the CB1 Ligand Rimonabantin a Model of Depression in Mice

Congratulations 2017 MS Students!