Pharmacology is the study of how drugs affect the body and how the body affects drugs.  Pharmacology is one of the most exciting areas of biomedical research because you can have a real impact on human health while working in the lab. Pharmacology is multidisciplinary, bringing together ideas from chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology and integrative biology to create a comprehensive framework for understanding and treating disease.  Here, at the University of Michigan Department of Pharmacology, we have assembled a diverse group of outstanding scientists who work together to advance the forefronts of new knowledge to develop novel therapeutic approaches for treatment of disease.  There are a number of exciting opportunities for students to work with leaders in the field in one of the top Pharmacology departments in the world.

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July 12, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Gnegy!

Exciting news! The UM Center for the Education of Women (CEW) has just announced the endowment of the Margaret E. Gnegy Scholarship! This fund will support women graduate students in life and medical sciences who have additional barriers to their education compared to traditional students such as returning to school after a 5 year gap, and/or being a primary caregiver to dependents.
The fund has been created and all pledged donations will be matched 50% by the University. Once the endowment is fully funded (up to 5 years from now) CEW will begin to award the scholarship.
This award is a testament to Dr. Gnegy's incredible expertise in mentoring, as well as to her extensive contributions to graduate education both locally and nationally.
Please join us in congratulating Dr. Gnegy!