Immuno Pharmacology

Immuno Pharmacology aims to understand inflammation and immune mechanisms and manipulate the immune system to the benefit of the host in the treatment of diseases.


RESEARCH FOCUS: Bioinformatics, high-throughput siRNA/drug screening and functional genomics approaches to understand cancer biology and discover novel small molecule therapeutics.

RESEARCH FOCUS: Signal transduction pathways, inflammation, immune responses, tissue repair, and cancer metastasis.

RESEARCH FOCUS: Signal transduction in the immune system, T cell signaling pathways, immunotherapy strategies, protein regulation, and cancer therapeutics.

RESEARCH FOCUS: Thrombosis, signal transduction, Pharmacology, Hematology.

RESEARCH FOCUS: Pancreatic cancer, hypoxia and immune cells.

RESEARCH FOCUS: GPCR trafficking and signaling, opioid, drug addiction.

RESEARCH FOCUS: Drug discovery, molecular pharmacology, assay development, and biomarker validation.

RESEARCH FOCUS: G protein, Cardiovascular, Immune Cells, Drug Discovery, Phospholipase C signaling.