The cardiovascular system, kidney, and pancreas are major targets of pharmacological intervention for the treatment of hypertension, heart failure, arrhythmia, thrombosis, and diabetes. At Michigan Pharmacology, our laboratories develop novel therapies by combining studies of drug action in isolated animal and human cells with studies in intact animal models of disease. Our work translates basic science research into new fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of disease, leading to the development of novel medicines for treatment of thrombosis, heart failure, arrhythmia, and kidney disease.


Arun Anantharam, Assistant Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS: sympathetic stress response, exocytosis, synaptic transmission, neuropeptide sorting and secretion, vesicle biogenesis, TIRF microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, electrophysiology, endocytosis.

Matthew Brody, Assistant Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS: Molecular Cardiovascular Biology

Michael Holinstat, Associate Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS: Platelets, Thrombosis, Hemostasis, Clotting, Lipids, Lipoxygenase, Clinical research, Translational research, 12-LOX.

Lori Isom, Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS: Mechanisms of epileptic encephalopathy and cardiac arrhythmias linked to mutations in voltage-gated sodium channel genes; mechanisms of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP); ion channel structure and function; transgenic mouse models of neurological and cardiac disease; patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cell neurons and cardiac myocytes.

Dave Jones, Assistant Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS:  voltage-gated potassium channel, hERG, cardiac physiology and pathophysiology.

Les Satin (Diabetes Center), Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS: Cellular and molecular basis of Type 2 diabetes; ER stress and protein folding diseases; metabolic regulation of ion channel activity; optical methods; drug discovery in diabetes; synaptic transmission and metabolic health of neurons after brain trauma, models of cell function and signaling.

Alan Smrcka, Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS: G proteins; G protein coupled-receptors; Cell Signaling Pathways; Drug Discovery; Cardiac Hypertrophy; Innate Immune Cell Regulation; Phosphatidylinositol, Calcium, and Protein kinase Signaling.

Joint/Adjunct Faculty

Eugene Chen, Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS: cardiovascular medicine, molecular basis of diabetes/obesity-induced cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Richard Mortensen (Physiology), Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS: basic mechanisms in the pathophysiology, consequences and treatment of endocrine abnormalities particularly in obesity, diabetes and related cardiovascular and neurologic diseases, function of drug targets, nuclear receptors in immune modulation and consequences in endocrine, neurologic and cardiovascular diseases.

James Shayman (Internal Medicine), Professor

RESEARCH FOCUS: lysosomal storage diseases and the biochemistry, cellular biology and pharmacology of sphingolipids.