The Department of Pharmacology at the University of Michigan

Pharmacology is the study of how drugs affect the body and how the body affects drugs. Pharmacology is one of the most exciting areas of biomedical research because you can have a real impact on human health while working in the lab. Pharmacology is multidisciplinary, bringing together ideas from chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology and integrative biology to create a comprehensive framework for understanding and treating disease.

Here, at the University of Michigan Department of Pharmacology, we have assembled a diverse group of outstanding scientists who work together to advance the forefronts of new knowledge to develop novel therapeutic approaches for treatment of disease. There are a number of exciting opportunities for students to work with leaders in the field in one of the top Pharmacology departments in the world.


Kudos to us! In spite of COVID, Michigan Pharmacology sustained a high level of productivity.


October 25, 2021

Dr. Yoichi Osawa will receive the 2021 EBS Teaching Award for Pharmacology

Dr. Osawa, Associate Chair for Innovation and Wellness, has made and continues to make significant contributions to our Departmental teaching mission, including to Pharm 646, Pharm 601, Pharm 502, and the Medical School Diagnostics and Therapeutics course. During the 2020-2021 academic year, Dr. Osawa contributed ~51 hours of student