Jamie C. Tharp, PharmD, BCSCP

Manager- Compounding Compliance Pharmacy
Adjunct Clinical Faculty
Rotation(s) Offered: HSPAL PGY-2 Elective in Compounding Compliance Management; IDRP PGY-2 Elective in Compounding Compliance Management


Jamie Tharp is the Compounding Compliance Pharmacy Manager and Adjunct Clinical Faculty with the College of Pharmacy. She leads the Compounding Compliance Team and Chairs the Compounding Compliance Oversight and Hazardous Drug Oversight Committees.

Pharmacy School Attended: University of Michigan (2004)

Other training:

  • LEAN Healthcare and KATA training (2011, 2013)
  • Michigan Pharmacist Association Leadership Academy 2014-2015
  • Critical Point 503A Qualified Persons Certification (2018)

Fun fact: My family raises tarantulas

Areas of Interest

Sterile Compounding Compliance, Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs, LEAN Iterative Process Improvement, Pharmacy Leadership

Honors & Awards

Michigan Pharmacists Association Consultant and Specialty Pharmacist of the Year (2019)

Published Articles or Reviews

  • Chaffee BW, Tharp JC, Clark JS, et al. A compounding compliance team at an academic medical center. Am J Health-Syst Pharm. 2020;77:885-895.
  • Tharp JC, Tupps M, Kullar R. Amicrobiological monitoring program and control of compounding facilities. Am J Health-System Pharm.
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