Kristen Ward, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist in Ambulatory Psychiatry
Clinical Assistant Professor in Pharmacy
Rotation(s) Offered: Ambulatory Psychiatry and Pharmacogenomics


I work with providers and patients in ambulatory psychiatry. This primarily involves contacting patients between visits to assess tolerability and efficacy of medication changes, or for discussions related to pharmacogenomics, and I answer drug info questions for our clinical teams at the Rachel Upjohn Building. I also assist with pharmacogenetic testing related to psychotropic management, and I complete consults related to result interpretation and ordering.

Pharmacy School Attended: University of Michigan (2014)

Other Training:

  • I completed a 3-year research fellowship with Vicki Ellingrod that included mostly precision medicine research, but also involved maintaining a half-day per week clinic that resembles my current clinical responsibilities.

Areas of Interest

Broadly, my research interests involve using precision medicine techniques, such as metabolomics and pharmacogenomics, to improve the safety and efficacy of psychotropic medication.

Honors & Awards

  • March 2019: Helmsley Fellowship, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
  • July 2018 –June 2020, National Institute of Health Loan Repayment Program Awardee, National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  • May 2017, New Investigator Award, American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology, Miami, FL

Published Articles or Reviews

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