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Michigan Medicine and The University of Michigan Health (UMH) includes three hospitals, approximately 30 health centers and 120 outpatient clinics, the UM Medical School and its Faculty Group Practice, and the Michigan Health Corp. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Health System maintains the first university-owned hospital in the United States and the oldest College of Pharmacy in a state-supported institution.

The Mission of Michigan Medicine is "To advance health to serve Michigan and the world", and our Vision is that "Our discoveries change care. Our care changes lives." The Department of Pharmacy Services strives to see patients and their families through a number of services and locations. We serve our patients both in the inpatient and outpatient setting. When patients are in the hospital or receiving care at a UMH facility, pharmacists are there working with physicians and nurses to ensure best care. Pharmacists serve as experts in drug therapy and dosing. Pharmacists perform functions like making sure chemotherapy orders are correct and properly dosed, helping patients and physicians with anticoagulation dosing, and dosing for drugs such as antibiotics and anticonvulsants. The pharmacy also provides outpatient locations for patients to fill prescriptions. Because of the specialized care that UMH provides, often other community based pharmacies are not equipped to handle some of the complicated prescriptions that patients receive. Read more...

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Recent News

The University of Michigan Health is continually seeking opportunities to better serve our patients. We realize the challenges transplant patients face related to medication needs. To assist our patients we have created a UMHS Transplant Specialty Pharmacy whose only focus is to serve transplant patients; ensuring they have ongoing and timely access to needed medications. Visit the Transplant Specialty Pharmacy website to learn more.

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