Nicholas Shabanowitz, PharmD

PGY-1 Health-System Pharmacy Resident


Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Pharmacy School: University of North Carolina

Why did you choose Michigan's residency program? I was thrilled to have matched here because Michigan Medicine has a rich history of training pharmacists to become excellent clinicians. The residency program is steeped in tradition, being one of the oldest programs in the country. The program's leaders have continued to evolve with pharmacy practice and are heavily invested in producing comprehensive experiences for their residents while being very mindful of providing wellness opportunities to achieve a healthy work/life balance. Training and eventually working at a large academic medical center has been a goal of mine, and Michigan Medicine certainly makes that goal become a reality. There is a plethora of robust clinical rotations where you are challenged to learn and practice autonomously in the setting of extremely supportive preceptors and a highly welcoming interprofessional practice environment where you feel valued. Additionally, I love teaching; the opportunities the program provides through the College of Pharmacy (through TA'ing, the teaching series certificate, and precepting students via layered learning) are plentiful. 

Research Topic: Safety and Efficacy of the Use of DOACs in Patients with a History of Bariatric Surgery

Writing Topic: Atrial Fibrillation Management in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies

Hobbies outside of pharmacy: Game show and sports enthusiast, hiking, traveling to 50 states and high points, tennis, and golf

Favorite Book: DiPiro's Pharmacotherapy 12th Edition (just kidding: most definitely, Crime and Punishment)

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor: Isalita

Advice for future residents: The best way for you to learn/grow your residency year is to embrace the independence your preceptors/mentors give you on rotation while gaining exposure and diving into new material/clinical situations/experiences.