Paul E. Hilliard, M.D.

Medical Director of Institutional Strategy for Opioid and Pain Management
Rotation Offered: Acute Pain Service


I am an Anesthesiologist and Pain Physician working on both the inpatient Acute Pain Service and Ambulatory setting for chronic pain management. 

Medical School Attended: Wright State University (2004)

Other Training:

  • Residency Intern year/Transitional: Akron General Hospital (2005)
  • Residency Anesthesia: University of Michigan Health System (2008)
  • Fellowship Pain Medicine: University of Michigan Health System (2009)

Areas of Interest

Acute on Chronic Pain Management, Trends in opioid use in the perioperative period

Published Articles or Reviews

  • Goesling J, Moser SE, Zaidi B, Hassett AL, Hilliard P, Hallstrom B, Clauw DJ, Brummett CM: Trends andPredictors of Opioid Use Following Total Knee and Total Hip Arthroplasty. Pain 157(6): 1259-65, 2016.
  • Cron DC, Englesbe MJ, Bolton CJ, Joseph MT, Carrier KL, Moser SE, Waljee JF, Hilliard PE, KheterpalS, BrummettCM.: Preoperative Opioid Use is Independently Associated With Increased Costs and WorseOutcomes After Major Abdominal Surgery. Ann Surg. 265(4): 695-701, 2017. PM27429021
  • Anderson TA, Quaye ANA, Ward EN, Wilens TE, Hilliard PE, Brummett CM: To stop or not, that is the question acute pain management for the patient on chronic buprenorphine Anesthesiology 126(6): 1180-1186, 2017. PM28511196
  • Hilliard PE, Waljee J, Moser S, Metz L, Mathis M, Goesling J, Cron D, Clauw DJ, Englesbe M, AbecasisG, Brummett CM: Prevalence and characteristics of opioid users presenting for surgery JAMA Surgery153(10): 929-937, 2018.
  • Alam OH, Zaidi B, Pierce J, Moser SE, Hilliard PE, Golmirzaie G, Brummett CM: Phenotypic features ofpatients with complex regional pain syndrome compared with those with neuropathic pain. Reg AnesthPain Med: 2019. PM31278203