Pharmacy Students

Pharmacy Student Internship Opportunities


In addition to the IPPEs and APPEs offered to UM College of Pharmacy students at UMHS, there are also opportunities for pharmacy internships. The University of Michigan Health System Department of Pharmacy Services Internship Program strives to foster the professional development of pharmacy students by providing them with the abilities, skills and knowledge necessary to thrive as future pharmacists and by exposing them to health system pharmacy as a whole through shadowing opportunities and weekly speakers. Additionally, the program aims to promote progressive thinking by providing students with the opportunity to take part in innovative projects that leave a lasting impact on the institution.


The University of Michigan Health System strives to prepare pharmacy interns for residency through training each to their highest level of ability in pharmacy and patient care practices. During the internship, pharmacy interns have the opportunity to work under the brightest and best pharmacists in the field today. The intern program aims to prepare each intern to become effective practicing pharmacists by focusing on three areas:
Leadership and Communication - Each intern should understand how to be true leaders in the field of pharmacy and how to effectively communicate with all manner of health professionals to advance patient care
Clinical Skills and Knowledge - Each intern should have an expert knowledge of the skills required in their respective internship area and use this as a foundation for future residency and training
Professionalism and Excellence - Each intern should understand how to present themselves in a manner consistent with the highest ethical and professional standards in the field of pharmacy


The pharmacy internship program at the University of Michigan Health System aims to be premier internship program among major academic medical centers and a model for other pharmacy programs and departments. The program will train each intern to the highest levels of practice and achievement through professional, leadership, and clinical experiences.