Residency Advisory Committee

The Residency Advisory Committee - Executive (RAC-E) is a 24-member committee with oversight of all the pharmacy residency programs. This committee consists of a Chair (Residency Coordinator), all PGY1 and PGY2 RPDs, 5 Clinical Pharmacists with one as Tenure Track Faculty, Staff Pharmacy/Manager, and both Resident Chiefs.

The purpose of the Residency Advisor Committee - Executive (RACE) is to establish and maintain ASHP- accredited pharmacy residency programs and to server as the advisory and organizational structure of all UMHS/MM pharmacy residency programs

The committee shall assure:

  • residency programs adhere to the Pharmacy Department, Hospital and ASHP mission and guidelines
  • respective residents’ and Department’s goals are met
  • residents’ advocacy to other faculty, staff, and Departments
  • residents’ adherence to residency program
  • mentorship and guidance to residents
  • develop new programs as needed due to: department needs, future pharmacist roles, and job market pressures
  • decisions important to the function of the department are made in a timely manner

 Annual Goals

 Annual Goals for the committee will developed in the Summer of each year. For 2018 these goals are:

  1. Pharmacy Operations improvement for PGY1s
  2. Pediatric rotation expansion
  3. Improve preceptor involvement and feedback