Sydnee Cohen, PharmD

PGY-1 Health-System Pharmacy Resident


Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI

Pharmacy School: University of Michigan

Why did you choose Michigan's residency program? At Michigan, you have so many rotation and project options available to you that you're guaranteed to finish up your year with adequate exposure to your area of interest while still getting a well-rounded experience.

Research Topic: Correlation of medication regimen complexity in the ICU to internal pharmacist workload measurements

Writing Topic: Diuretic use in critical care

Hobbies outside of pharmacy: Snowboarding, hiking, camping, traveling, yoga, and hanging out with with my friends, my husband (Jeff), and my dog (Teddy) and cat (Renly)

Favorite Book: The Harry Potter series

Favorite Movie: Anything starring former SNL cast members

Favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor: Zamaan Cafe

Advice for future residents: Set specific and realistic goals to work towards and constantly revisit them. Keep track of all of the small steps you've taken to get closer to your goal and reward yourself for your progress. It will keep you motivated to work hard even through stressful times.