Victoria Nachar, PharmD



Location most associated with your upraising: Rochester, NY

Pharmacy school: University at Buffalo

PGY-1 Site: Michigan Medicine

Career interests: Hematology/Oncology

Why did you choose Michigan:  The wide variety of experiences offered to residents and the clinically challenging nature of the program.

Research Topic: Asparaginase Activity Level Attenuated Dosing to Prevent Pegasparaginase Associated Toxicities: Empiric Dose Reduction vs. Conventional Dosing

Writing Project: Precision Medicine in Oncology: A Targeted Role for Pharmacists

Outside of Pharmacy:  Spend time with friends and family

Favorite Book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Favorite Movie: Step Brothers

Advice for future residents: Be optimistic and open to new experiences.Fully dedicate yourself to making the most of your residency experience