YeeAnn Chen, PharmD

PGY-2 Cardiology Pharmacy Resident
PGY-1 Health-System Pharmacy Resident


Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Pharmacy School: University of California, San Francisco

PGY-1 (if current PGY-2): Michigan Medicine

Why did you choose Michigan's residency program? My long term goal is to go into academia, so I mainly looked into programs that had strong components of clinical training, teaching, and research - all of which Michigan Medicine had.  Looking back at my PGY-1 year, what I appreciated the most from the residency program was the emphasis on critically appraising literature to enhance our clinical practice.  The preceptors are also brilliant - with the practice-changing research that they publish along with the strong rapport that they have with other healthcare providers, they are amazing role models to learn from. 

Research Topic: Utility of biomarkers in characterizing immune checkpoint inhibitor associated myocarditis

Writing Topic: Cardiac amyloidosis

Hobbies outside of pharmacy: Working out (especially Urbankick), dancing, retail therapy, watching Friends

Favorite Book: The Giver by Lois Lowry

Favorite Movie: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor: Pizza House, Rich JC, Sadako, Seoul Street

Advice for future residents: Take ownership in your patients, your learning, and your well-being.  

Favorite part about doing a residency at Michigan Medicine: Learning from preceptors who are passionate about providing the best care for their patients, having ample opportunities to teach/precept pharmacy students, and having a large support group of co-residents