Alexander Brahmsteadt, D.O.


Hometown: Grand Junction, Colorado

Undergraduate: Colorado Mesa University

Medical School: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University

Intern Year: Internal Medicine Prelim at Saint Joseph Hospital, Denver, CO

Favorite Places in Ann Arbor: Raven’s Club for drinks and Frita Batidos for incredible burgers and shakes. Regents on Main Street has an N64 and a Wii that you can play on their flat screens, with free Skee Ball! Outside of restaurants, the Arb is an awesome way to escape town without having to drive far. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of how walkable the Main and Liberty area is.

Why UM? From an academic/educational standpoint, UM was easily one of the most well-rounded programs I visited. The residents here pursue a wide variety of career paths, and every opportunity you could want is in-house, including a wide variety of fellowship and research opportunities. The faculty and leadership here are so helpful and motivating, and in my short time here have helped me explore multiple projects and unconventional career paths. Opportunity runs rampant here, clinically and academically, and UM itself, independent of the PM&R program, has a nearly limitless wealth of resources. I like how close the hospital is to campus, many university-based programs are located far from the school, and the culture of UM is something I really wanted to be immersed in. Ann Arbor itself is an awesome town with a young, driven, educated, diverse population. The program and the hospital also both highly value resident well-being, and between the program and the resident union, the residents here are highly prioritized.

Areas of Interest

Skiing, climbing, backpacking, anything my dog Rue can join me for. I also love to travel and will go back to Colorado as often as I can. I play piano and guitar, have a cat named Chaney, and constantly look for new restaurants and bars to try out. 

Clinical Interests

I have yet to decide how my career in PM&R will unfold, but my primary areas of interest are currently some combination of SCI, interventional spine, sports and neurocrit. I’m also interested in research, though it’s not my top priority, since the field of PM&R has so much room to grow and expand.