Fellowship Highlights

Congratulations!  To Dr. Daniel Whitney (Current ARRT Fellow) and his colleagues for publishing an article in J of Clinical Densitometry: Assessment & Management of Musculoskeletal Health, "Greater visceral fat but no difference in measures of total body fat in ambulatory children with spastic cerebral palsy compared to typically developing children."

To Dr. Daniel Whitney (Current ARRT Fellow) and his colleagues for publishing an article in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, "Mental health disorders and physical risk factors in children with cerebral palsy: a cross‐sectional study."

To Dr. Daniel Whitney (current ARRT Fellow) and his colleagues who just published an article in The International Journal of Obesity, "BMI does not capture the high fat mass index and low fat-free mass index in children with cerebral palsy and proposed statistical models that improve this accuracy." 

 To Trent Hall and Dr. Ryan McGrath (Graduating 2018 ARRT fellow) who led a project examining disability-adjusted life years (DALY) in persons with SCI using SCI Model Systems data which was just accepted to Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  To our knowledge this is the first paper employing DALYs in this population and is a meaningful contribution to the literature.  The association between the etiology of a spinal cord injury and time to mortality in the United States.pdf

Also:  To Dr. Ryan McGrath (Graduating 2018 ARRT fellow)  and his colleagues on a nice review, just published in Sports Medicine.  The purposes of the paper were to 1) highlight evidence demonstrating the associations between handgrip strength (HGS)  and clinically relevant health outcomes, 2) provide directions for future research in HGS and health, and 3) propose a sequence of health-related events that may better explain the role of muscle weakness in the disabling process.  He also just published an on-line (ahead of print) article in MSSE titled "Handgrip Strength, Function, and Mortality in Older Adults:  A Time-Varying Approach."


May 2018:  Dr. Aviroop Dutt-Mazumder, current ARRT fellow, (far right) participated in the BR41N.IO a Brain Computer Interface Designers Hackathon 2018 in Pacific Grove, CA sponsored by IEEE Brain and hosted by the BCI Society. The Hackathon warranted 24 hours of non-stop coding challenge. He and two of his team members successfully implemented a P300 BCI interface to fly a DRONE and control the flight path using EEG signals. The team competed against various groups from Europe, Latin America, Asia, including acclaimed institutes such as MIT (USA) & INRIA (FRA). His team was awarded a cash prize of $1200 by the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) program officer, and has been invited to present their work at IEEE Conference later this year at San Diego, CA. Dr. Dutt-Mazumder is currently being mentored by Dr.Krishnan (Neuromuscular and Rehabilitation Robotics Laboratory) and Dr. Huggins (Direct Brain Interface Laboratory) at University of Michigan.