Past events and speakers

Current and Former PMR Chairs

The James W. Rae Scientific Day and Lecture commemorates the lifetime achievements of James W. Rae, MD, a pioneer in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation and the first Chair of the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of Michigan. When Dr. Rae established the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in 1950, he also established the University of Michigan as one of the first major medical institutions in the United States to organize and develop an independent physical medicine and rehabilitation department. Patient care, teaching, and research are the cornerstones on which the University of Michigan’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was founded and, under Dr. Rae’s leadership, these programs experienced steady growth and development. Dr. Rae served as Chair of the Department until 1977.

The program for James W. Rae Day traditionally includes original scientific papers by members of the Michigan Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as papers by staff and alumni of the University of Michigan Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Most Recent James W. Rae Lecturers

  • 2022 Diane L. Damiano, PhD, PT FAPTA
  • 2021 Matthew Smuck, MD
  • 2020 Joseph Herrera, DO
  • 2019 Daniel Clauw, MD
  • 2018 Lauren Gerard-Koch, PhD
  • 2017 Andrea Cheville, MD
  • 2016 Thiru M. Annaswamy, MD
  • 2015 M. Elizabeth SandelMD
  • 2014 Daniel Dumitru, MD, PhD
  • 2013 Stanley A. Herring, MD
  • 2012 Frederick M. Maynard, MD
  • 2011 William Micheo, MD
  • 2010 John Chae, M.D.
  • 2009 Heidi Prather, DO
  • 2008 Ross D. Zafonte, DO
  • 2007 Kristjian T. Ragnarsson, MD
  • 2006 Todd A. Kuiken, MD, PhD
  • 2005 Martin Grabois, MD
  • 2004 Michael L. Boninger, MD
  • 2003 Margaret A. Turk, MD
  • 2002 Kathleen R. Bell, MD
  • 2001 Murray E. Brandstatter, MBBS
  • 2000 James A. Leonard, Jr., MD
  • 1999 Gerald Herbison, MD
  • 1998 Barbara J. deLateau, MD
  • 1997 Joel A. DeLisa, MD, MS
  • 1996 Richard D. Ball, MD, PhD
  • 1995 Michael A. Alexander, MDM