Journal Clubs

Resident Led Journal Club

Each PGY-3 Resident will have the opportunity to lead a journal club session during grand rounds. The resident leading the article will pick an article in a topic that is being discussed in our didactic series and leading a group round table discussion breaking down the article from the abstract to discussion. Prior to presentation the resident will create a list of questions to help lead discussion that attendants will have available, along with the article, prior to journal club so a lively, engaging discussion can be had. 

EMG Journal Club / Game Night

Bimonthly, Dr. Hearn (2016 Silver Crutch Teaching Award Winner) hosts journal club to discuss articles related to neuromuscular medicine.  Following the discussion, overly-competitive board game playing ensues. 

EMG Journal Club


Spine Journal Club

Quarterly, journal club is led by the spine fellows to discuss recent literature in the field.  These are attended by residents interested in spine as well as attending physicians from the departments of PM&R, Anesthesia, and Neurosurgery.