Dr. Gianna Rodriguez

Gianna Rodriguez, MD

Medical Director, Wheelchair Seating


Dr. Rodriguez is Medical Director of the Wheelchair Seating Clinic and PM&R Administrator in the Michigan Bowel Control Clinic and the Wound Care Clinic. She has been actively involved in research with the Spinal Cord Injury Model System. She has written and collaborated on several research publications and written chapters on SCI sequelae in premier journals and textbooks in PM&R.  Dr. Rodriguez has been recognized for her teaching of trainees with the Silver Crutch award. 

She is the associate SCI fellowship program director.  She also serves on the International Standards and Autonomic Standards Committees, two crucial committees of the American Spinal Injury Association that are responsible for development of any new standards documents related to SCI,  continuous review and improvement of the existing ASIA documents on neurological and autonomic standards and development and oversight of the International Data Sets project.  

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