Joel Castellanos, M.D.

PGY-4 Resident


Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University

Medical School: University of Toledo

Favorite Places in Ann Arbor: Cultivate Tap and Brew House, HOMES Brewery, Cafe Ollie

Why UM? Diverse patient population, amazing research resources, great teaching from intelligent and approachable attendings, and awesome group of active residents 


Secretary, House Officer Association, University of Michigan
Hospital Administration Scholars Program, University of Michigan
Committee Member, House Officer Association Contract Negotiations Committee
Website-Manager, PM&R Department Residency Website; University of Michigan
Department Lead, House Office Quality and Safety Council; University of Michigan

Areas of Interest

  • Dancing, Pickup Basketball, Softball, Woodworking

Clinical Interests

  • Neurorehabilitation, Pain diagnostics and treatment, Non-invasive Brain Stimulation

Honors & Awards

  • Diversity and Excellence Scholarship award, University of Toledo (2009 - 2014)
  • Morrill Scholars Program, Excellence Scholarship, The Ohio State University (2005 - 2009)

Published Articles or Reviews


Castellanos, J. (2016) Radial Neuropathy Exacerbated by Ligamentous Laxity in Pregnancy and by Chemotherapy: A Case Report.  AAPM&R Annual Assembly, New Orleans, LA

Castellanos J, Smith SR, Stork R.(2017) Levetiracetam used as monotherapy in Lance-Adams Syndrome. (Submitted)

 Peer-Reviewed Publications

Castellanos J, Smith SR. Poster 279 Radial Neuropathy Exacerbated by Ligamentous Laxity in Pregnancy and by Chemotherapy: A Case Report. PM R. 2016 Sep;8(9S):S251.

Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

Castellanos, J. (2013) Carpal Tunnel: A Funny Feeling in my Hand. Healthy Living News, March;


Castellanos. J (2017). Medical Cannabis and its Role in PM&R. University of Michigan Dept. of PM&R Grand Rounds. June 15th, 2017

Castellanos, J. (2016) Basics of Peripheral Nerve Ultrasound. University of Michigan Weekly Neuromuscular Conference. November 23rd. 2016

Castellanos, J. (2016) A Data-Driven Approach to Identifying New Risk Factors for Sports-Related Concussion. University of Michigan Dept. of PM&R Ted Cole Research Day, Ann Arbor, MI.

Castellanos, J,  (2012) Validation of 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing for Bacterial Identification, The University of Toledo Goldblatt Research Forum; Toledo OH.   

Castellanos, J. (2012) Lhermitte Duclos: Pathologic Findings. University of Toledo, Clinical Neurology Pathology May Conference.

Castellanos, J. (2012) Pheochromocytoma:A Case Report. Toledo Pathology Society April Meeting, Toledo, OH.

Interdepartmental Conferences, Pathological Findings Presentation

1.      University of Toledo, Tumor Board Conference:September, 2011; February, 2012; April, 2012.

2.      University of Toledo, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gynecology-Pathology Conference:  November, 2011; March, 2012.

3.      University of Toledo, Dept. of Radiology, Radiology-Pathology Conference: December, 2011.

4.      University of Toledo, Dept. of Urology, Genitourinary-Pathology Conference: January, 2012.