January 27, 2017

RPN Fellow Allison O'Mara Featured On ANST Website

RPN fellow Allison O'Mara, is featured this month on the website for The Association of Neuropsychology Students in Training (ANST).


 Allison O'Mara

ANST Member Highlight: Allison O'Mara

Allison is currently a first-year postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan in the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Division of Rehabilitation and Neuropsychology. 

Currently on fellowship, Allison is greatly enjoying her duties, which include assessing her patient’s psychological and neuropsychological functioning, providing evidence-based treatments to patients and families, collaborating with rehabilitation team members for individuals presenting with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, encephalopathies, brain and spinal tumors, hematological cancers, limb loss, orthopedic injuries, burns, multiple sclerosis and rare autoimmune disorders. She conducts comprehensive outpatient neuropsychological assessments at the U-M MedRehab clinic and is also involved in the Functional Wellness Initiative of the U-M Brain Tumor Program (FWI), where she conducts neuropsychological assessments as part of the FWI’s collaborative, interdisciplinary team and research program.


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