February 24, 2017

Dr. Meade's Talk on Health Care Disparities Featured in the Michigan Daily.

Dr. Michelle Meade's gave a talk sponsored by the Interprofessional Health Student Organization that drew a crowd of about 20 students and was featured in the Michigan Daily


UM doctor talks equity for disabled health care 

Medical School Prof. Michelle Meade addressed common health and health-care disparities and how to promote positive changes to the current health-care system for disabled people Wednesday night in Mason Hall. The event, sponsored by the Interprofessional Health Student Organization, drew a crowd of about 20 students.

Meade directs programs for the University of Michigan’s Rehabilitation Engineering Program, developing health-management technologies for disabled individuals. 

Meade began her presentation by pointing out problems with defining the term “disability,” which differs depending on which area of academia or society people are processing the definition from.

“The actual definition of disability or having a disability depends on where you look,” she said. “In surveys and research, it generally is defined by limitations; in some policy, it’s defined by a lack of ability to work and then in clinical practice, it’s diagnosis.”

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