August 8, 2017

PM&R Ranked #14 in the Nation

The Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Michigan Medicine received the exciting news today that we have been ranked by US News and World Reports as one of the nation’s best departments of PM&R!

Although the excellence of this department is not new to any of us, the wonderful news is that we are receiving the national recognition that we deserve.  In the past few years, Michigan PM&R has been designated as “high performing," which was a lower level of recognition.  This year, we were designated as a top program by a higher percentage of voters, leading us to become a ranked program, recognized as the 14th best PM&R department in the country. 

This recognition comes because of the great work that all of you do.  Whether you are checking a patient into clinic, teaching someone to walk again, guiding and educating someone into the new world of their disability, collecting data on a research study, educating a future rehabilitation specialist, treating a pain or a sprain, or any of the many things we do to make the lives of those we serve better, you are a contributor to PM&R whose work is now recognized as being a national leader.  

U.S. News and World Report annually judges hospitals for its Best Hospitals list by rating high-quality patient care, commitment to patient safety, clinical resources, family centeredness and other measures. For 2017-18, the University of Michigan’s hospitals were ranked number 6 in the nation, putting it on the Honor Roll, and number one in Michigan. 

This is the 25th consecutive year the hospitals and health centers of Michigan Medicine have been nationally recognized by U.S. News & World Report for strong across-the-board performance. Nine U-M specialty areas rank in the top 10 in the country and U-M is recognized in 15 of 16 adult specialties.  Only 3 percent, or 152 hospitals out of approximately 4,500, earned even one ranked spot

The Best Hospitals badge below is available on line.  Please feel free to add it to your emails, newsletters, etc. and proudly proclaim the great work that all of you do.  Congratulations again, and thank you to everyone for making this a great department of PM&R! 

Edward A. Hurvitz, MD
Professor and Chair
James W. Rae Collegiate Professor
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Michigan Medicine/University of Michigan

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