November 16, 2017

Dr. Michelle Meade and Michigan Medicine Diversity Team Awarded Distinguished Diversisty Leaders Award

The University of Michigan's Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award (DDLA) Selection Committee has selected Dr. Michelle Meade  and her colleagues, all members of the Michigan Medicine Disability Council Team, as recipients of the Ninth Annual DDLA. 

In close partnership between the Vice Provost for Equity, Inclusion and Academic Affairs and the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, the Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award was established to shine a light on those staff members who work toward achieving a welcoming, supportive and inclusive campus environment. 

The members of the Michigan Medicine Disabilty Council include:
Co-chairs: Michelle Meade and Clarissa Love
Members: Patricia Anderson , Sue Bade, Bonnie Dede, Daniel Ellman, Christa Moran, and Anna Schnitzer

Congratulations to Dr. Meade and other members of this council for their efforts to improve the experience of individuals with disabilities as employees, students, leaders and patients. The Michigan Medicine Disability/OHEI Disability Committee focuses their work on how to best respond to the multi-faceted issues, strengths and concerns of individuals with disabilities within the healthcare and university environments. To celebrate their commitment to the value of diversity, an award will be presented at an event on December 5th 2017 at 9 am at the Michigan Union. 

Dr. Michelle Meade

Michelle A. Meade, PhD

Associate Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Director, Collaboratory for Technology, Health, and Independence
Adult Clinical Psychologist