May 9, 2018

2018 TRAIL Blazer Awards Announced

The 2018 TRAIL Blazer Award winners were announced at the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation's staff meeting.

The winner of the 2018 Tom Lucas TRAIL Blazer Award for Non-Clinical Staff: Beth Theros, Administrative Specialist-Facilities

Linda Grosh, Beth Theros, Ed Hurvitz Trailblazer Awards

The winner of the 2018 Tom Lucas TRAIL Blazer Award for Clinical Staff: Jamie Mayo, Rehab Engineer

Linda Grosh, Jamie Mayo, Ed Hurvitz Trail Blazer Award

The winner of the 2018 Tom Lucas TRAIL Blazer Award for Faculty: Dr. Ted Claflin

Linda Grosh, Ted Claflin, Ed Hurvitz Trail Blazer Award

Honorable Mentions

Sean Smith, MD

Clinical Staff:
Molly Hill, Orthotist
Becky McVey, TR Therapist
Linda Miner, OT
Cindy Munday, PT
Mary Roberts, PT
Robert Sprifke, PT

Non-Clinical Staff:
Matt McCready, Financial Specialist Senior

TrailBlazer Award Finalists


TRAIL Blazer Award Committee Members

•Cory Wernimont, Resident
•Stacey Finch, Clerical Senior Supervisor, RPN
•Jill Gerber, Clinic Intermediate Manager, PRC
•Brenda Darwin, Admin Assistant Senior, Spine clinic
•Tracy Klein, OT, Inpatient Acute Care
•Joanie Radke, Administrative Assistant Intermediate, BRL
•Ron Sayre, PT Clinical Specialist, OTPT Acute
•Terry Conlin, OT, Hand Program-BRL
•Sabrina Starks, Administrative Manager, MedRehab
•David Kohns, MD
•Administrative Lead: Vanessa David
About Tom Lucas and the TRAIL Blazer Award

Tom Lucas, CFO, was a member of the PM&R UM Orthotics and Prosthetics Acute Care team for over 20 years. Tom was a respected and well revered member of the UMHS team. Tom loved his work and the people he worked with. For those that have worked alongside of Tom, this was evident in his spirit, respect, and compassion he had for his patients and colleagues.

Tom exemplified the traits of the TRAIL Blazer Award:

Teamwork: Pursues a common goal – helps others to succeed. Able to work in partnership with people in such a manner as to build group commitments to goals and objectives. Puts the welfare of the group over individual interest.

Respect: Recognizes the value and diversity of each team member, demonstrates genuine concern about the well-being, dignity and self-esteem of all colleagues in the organization in a way that develops trust.

Accountability: Accepts responsibility for delivering on our commitments. Protects confidential information. Accepts responsibility for actions. Utilizes resources in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Integrity: Adheres to the highest standard of honesty, professionalism and ethical behaviors. Is ethical and reliable in meeting commitments. Demonstrates professionalism under pressure or during stressful situations.

Leadership: Being involved, taking action and continuously striving to be the best. Able to take action in problem solving while exhibiting sound judgment and a realistic understanding of the issues.