September 1, 2018

Eckner, Hearn, Kohns, Kratz, and Peterson Receive Promotions

Congratulations to five of our faculty members on their successful promotions, which were approved by the Regents, and are in place as of September 1, 2018.  

Congratulations to:


Dr. JT Eckner

Dr. JT Eckner, who was recently awarded an RO1 grant from the NIH related to his work in sports-related concussion.  Dr. Eckner also has a lead role in the CARE consortium work related to this area, and is the director of our Resident Research Program.  He is now an Associate Professor with tenure. 

Dr. Sandra Hearn, who started her new role as residency director for the PM&R residency program this year, and also serves as the director of the musculoskeletal sequence in the medical school, and as the director of PM&R EMG education.  She is now an Assistant Professor, Clinical Track.


Dr. David Kohns, who is conducting innovative research and providing care related to spine and pain disorders.  He is now an Assistant Professor, Clinical Track.


Anna Kratz, PhD

Dr. Anna Kratz, who has initiated the Kratz lab, please see the website: for a description of her work with pain, fatigue and cognition, including a major PCORI funded study related to Multiple Sclerosis and a study of cognitive issues in fibromyalgia (“Fibrofog.”)  She is now an Associate Professor with tenure.


Dr. Mark Peterson

Dr. Mark Peterson, whose work related to chronic disease risk in cerebral palsy and other disabilities, and in other health issues such as the relationship between grip strength and health outcomes, spans the globe with collaborators on every inhabited continent.  He is now an Associate Professor with tenure.

We look forward to celebrating continued success with you!