November 20, 2018

CODA Receives Awards

Congratulations to faculty and staff of the Center for Outcomes Development and Application (CODA) for several recent awards, related to outcome measures in different syndromes and diseases:


1. Partnership with the UM-KECC (University of Michigan Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center) for an award from CMS funding the center (20 million). CODA will develop a new PRO (Patient Reported Outcome) measure for use in patients with end stage kidney disease that are on dialysis.
2. An award from Goldfinch BIO (a biotech company) to work with nephrology to develop a PRO and a ClinRO (Clinician Reported Outcome) for children and adults with kidney disease in collaboration with pediatric nephrology
3. A philanthropy based travel award for her work with the Huntington’s study group.

Congratulate to the CODA team for reaching out to industry and working with Emily Fogelsonger and our philanthropy team, as well as working collaboratively for obtaining federal funding, as well everything else going on at CODA. Please visit the CODA website to find out more!