February 18, 2019

Dr. Anna Kratz Awarded Mentor-Based Rehabilitation Research Fellowship Award

Congratulations to Dr. Anna Kratz on her new award from the National MS Society.  The award is a Mentor-Based Rehabilitation Research Fellowship award titled “Training to Advance Rehabilitation Research in Multiple Sclerosis.” 

Anna Kratz, PhD

The objective of this 5-year, $433K award is to train new investigators to become successful independent researchers in the field of multiple sclerosis rehabilitation research. The content focus is aligned with my other MS research and is on chronic pain, fatigue, and cognitive function in MS.

This award will continue to build the infrastructure, capacity, and reputation of MS clinical research at UM.  Dr. Kratz has a strong team of collaborators, including Dr. Tiffany Braley here at Michigan in neurology, with whom she also collaborates on a PCORI grant which is a clinical trial related to fatigue in MS.  This new grant will increase the department’s profile in Neurorehabilitation and in Rehabilitation Research Training, as well as Dr. Kratz’s work with fatigue.