December 2, 2019

Michigan Medicine PM&R Across the Country

The Michigan Medicine PM&R team has been well-represented at a number of national meetings showcasing our clinical, educational, and research work. More updates and photos will be added as folks send in their reports and photos.

American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (AAPMR) Annual Assembly - November 2019, San Antonio, TX

The Foundation for PM&R Rehab 5k Run/Walk & Roll took place on Friday 11/15/19 in San Antonio. The Michigan Medicine PM&R team arrived bright and early, sporting Maize and Blue and led by our spirited Team Captain, Dr. Joe Hornyak!  Our team included residents (Drs. Casten, Hodges, Pastrnak, Roohanirad) and attendings (Drs. Ayyangar, Claflin, Hearn, Hornyak, & Rodriguez).  Our team took first place at this event for Most Money Raised. Thanks to all who supported our runners.

  • Drs. Ted Claflin and James Pastrnak were our team’s fastest runners
  • Dr. Sandra Hearn came in at 9th place among female finishers

With the Riverwalk as a background, and the Iron Cactus as the setting, the Michigan Medicine alumni reception at the AAPM&R was a big success, Texas style! Over 50 people came, including current faculty, fellows, residents, alumni from recent to years ago, and friends. Some of the alumni who came back to share memories included Karen Knight (2000), Geeta Kandala (2001), Marko Bodor (1993), and Sara Christensen (2006). The class of 2007 had three members there—Josh Levin, Ross Whitacre, and Matt McGehee. Many alumni from more recent classes were there as well. It was so wonderful to hear so many success stories!
During the conference, several Michigan Medicine faculty represented the department and gave presentations, moderated sessions, and participated in committee meetings.

  • Dr. Joe Hornyak led a session on improving your chances of getting your abstract accepted, and moderated research presentations.
  • Dr. Sean Smith coordinated and was the emcee for the Cancer Rehabilitation Community Day, which was focused on building cancer rehabilitation into PM&R practices. Dr. Cody Andrews was one of the speakers.
  • Dr. Smith also spoke on “Balancing Rehabilitation with Prognosis in Cancer Patients: an Evidenced-Based Review of When and How to Intervene. He led the Cancer Rehabilitation community network annual meeting as well.
  • Dr Sandra Hearn directed a session on “Electrodiagnosis in the Inpatient Setting, along with Dr. Tony Chiodo. She was also on the Program Committee.
  • Dr. Chiodo also presented to the residents and fellows on preparing for Board Certification, in his role as an ABPMR board member.
  • Dr. Shahd Haidar presented a course on Multiculturalism in Physiatry.
  • Dr. Hassan Berri presented on “Optimizing PM&R interventional procedures.”
  • Dr. Adam Lewno was an instructor in an ultrasound course.
  • Dr. Gianna Rodriguez presented on the new Neurogenic Bowel Practice Guidelines
  • Dr. Reina Nakamura is involved in several courses, including Ultrasound for the evaluation and treatment of upper extremity disorders; Pelvic pain, including ultrasound and intervention; and a course on ultrasound use in sports medicine, including on-field assessments.



Dr. Edward A Hurvitz
Dr. Hurvitz

Connections Made at AAPMR Last a Lifetime

 By Dr. Edward Hurvitz


A national conference such as the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPMR) annual meeting is about many things, depending on where you are in your career. For a trainee or someone looking for a change, it can be about a new practice opportunity. For a leader in the field, it is a chance to meet and discuss some of the weighty issues facing physiatry today. It may be about a new skill, an opportunity to discuss your science, or just fun in the sun (or the cold, as was true of San Antonio this November).

For me, a senior member of the Academy and a Department Chair at Michigan Medicine, AAPMR is about connections. The meetings are a great time to connect with old friends, former trainees, and with people I need to know to do my job, whether it is running my department or growing a research program. A 2-minute connection can accomplish more than a flurry of emails, and I try to take every advantage of that at these annual events.



American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) Annual Meeting - November 2019, Chicago, IL


The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation had a strong presence at the recent American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine annual meeting in Chicago.  Dr. Claire Kalpakjian was honored with the Early Career ACRM Outstanding Mentoring Award.  She presented with Cara Komisar, DPT and Jason Raad, PhD on the development of the Learning Health System, and on gender and sex reporting in the Archives of PM&R.  Drs. Jessica Pruente, Jennifer Larson and Angeline Bowman presented on early detection and treatment of cerebral palsy.  Dr. Pruente also presented on gunshot wounds in SCI.  Dr. Anna Kratz presented on fatigability as an emerging paradigm for measuring exertional limitations.  Dr. Noelle Carlozzi participated in a symposium on caregivers of persons with TBI and presented on Self-Reported Sleep Quality and Ratings of Health Related Quality of Life in SCI.  She also led the Measurment Networking Group business meeting.  All in all, Michigan Medicine PM&R was well represented at this meeting.