July 1, 2020

Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Detroit currently recruiting for two studies

Please note that the following are not University of Michigan Research Studies. As such we are not responsible for your participation in this study. If interested we urge you to investigate it by contacting the investigators directly and speaking to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Study #1

  • Title of the study: Intermittent hypoxia initiated plasticity in humans: A multi-pronged therapeutic approach to treat sleep apnea and overlapping co-morbidities
  • All studies will be completed in the Respiratory Physiology Laboratory at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC).
  • We are looking for 20 spinal cord injured individuals between the ages of 18-60 with motor incomplete injuries above T12, who have or suspect they have sleep apnea.
  • Additionally, we are looking for individuals currently not using a CPAP machine or on medication; not including medications specific to spinal cord injury.
  • You will be asked to visit the VAMC on 21 occasions, 5 of which are sleep studies (i.e. overnight), and the remaining visits occur during the daytime (duration of 2-4 hours). Scheduling is flexible to accommodate the participant’s availability.
  • Compensation details to be discussed over the phone.
  • Call (313) 576 -4414 for more information

Study #2 

Investigators at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Detroit are currently investigating if a breathing therapy can improve heart, lung, metabolic, cognitive function, and motor function in patients with a motor incomplete spinal cord injury and sleep apnea (or suspect they have sleep apnea). They are looking for study participants that are between the ages of 18-60, with a motor incomplete spinal cord injury above T12, and have elevated blood pressure (120/80 or higher), but are not taking any medications for other health conditions (for example, metformin, statins etc). Potential participants should be able to stand and initiate leg movement with or without an assistive device. If you are unsure of your blood pressure or presence of sleep apnea, you can be screened by lab personnel to determine potential involvement in the study. This is a paid research opportunity and compensation can be discussed over the phone. All study visits are completed at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Please contact Dr. Gino Panza at 313.576.4414 for more information.