October 26, 2021

2021 PM&R Residency Match Transparency

Recruitment through the 2021-2022 season remains virtual.  We will interview approximately 64 candidates for six advanced positions.  In holistic application review, we consider evidence of drive and character, PM&R interest and experience, contribution to society or medicine, clinical performance, and academic performance.  We account for unique factors in an applicant’s history that may positively enrich our program’s diversity of experience, thought, and background.  In our initial screening (but not in our ultimate ranking), we seek a balance of candidates who may serve our regional community as well as communities more broadly.  

Our interview dates include: November 5, 10, 17, and 19, and December 1, 8,  10, and 17. All initial interview invitations have been sent; some additional interview invitations may be sent prior to the final interview date as opportunity allows.  We do not send out more interview invitations than interview spots.  We invite each interviewing candidate to virtual social event hosted by our residents: an opportunity to learn more about our program and culture.  We are eager to show you as much as we can of our opportunities and culture at Michigan Medicine PM&R, to enable you to make the best decision for you personally, in your PM&R career that lies ahead. 

Visiting student experiences (away rotations) in our department serve the primary mission of advancing PM&R education. They have separate leadership and oversight and are not intended solely to fuel our residency admissions.  Toward equitable distribution of interview opportunities, visiting student experiences with our department do not guarantee an interview with the residency program.

We firmly believe that the number of qualified candidates who will become excellent PM&R physicians and colleagues far exceeds the number of interview invitations we can offer.  We look forward to interacting and collaborating with you in the future, perhaps through cross-institutional, or global PM&R-related endeavors. 

Thank you for exploring PM&R opportunities at Michigan Medicine.  We wish everyone a positive and meaningful journey in the next steps towards your careers in the months ahead!

Dr. Sandra Hearn, MD, Program Director
Dr. Cory Wernimont, MD, Associate Program Director
Anna Johnson, MHA, GME Administrator Sr