August 29, 2022

Decision Making About SCI Newsletter: How to Best Manage Bowel and Bladder Issues After Spinal Cord Injury

Read Volume 1, Issue 2 of our newsletter (PDF) to discover articles about the process of decision making itself; and an interview with a man who has lived many years with SCI and is an experienced peer counselor. You will also see some new data from our study, and resources for you on this topic.

Our first newsletter of this series dealt with factors influencing these decisions, such as type of changes required to address these health complications, cost of procedures and treatment, advice and guidance from doctors and family, access to good health care facilities, and how your decisions will impact your quality of life.

This, our second issue, focuses on how to go about making these decisions, what resources to use, what steps to take, with whom to speak, how to evaluate everything, and how to act in order to get the right results.