PM&R is leading the way in treating patients with post-COVID symptoms

Post-COVID symptoms, defined as symptoms lasting >4 weeks post-infection, have been identified not only among those patients who were hospitalized with severe symptoms but also among those who were asymptomatic or with only mild symptoms. As a growing number of people throughout the world are experiencing post-COVID symptoms, the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is leading the way in developing an evidence-based clinic to address this complex and not fully understood condition. Our unique care model emphasizes addressing the biopsychosocial aspects of lingering symptoms (a strength of the PM&R specialty), and includes a six-week group focused on education, self-management strategies, and coping skills. Post-COVID conditions still have many unknowns, and coupling visits with our post-COVID providers (Dr. Katharine SeaglyDr. Joshua Startup, and Krystal Martin, PA-C) with our group session approach (facilitated by Rebecca Squires, MSW) helps patients address that uncertainty while providing them with practical tips and treatment recommendations to address their specific set of symptoms. 

 Our faculty have also led the way in developing resources on post-COVID symptom management for both patients and primary care providers. Patients can now access information and tools related to their post-COVID symptoms (referred to medically as post-acute sequelae of COVID-19, or PASC) on a new site, PASC Guide, that helps them track their symptoms, provides them with tools for self management, and gives tips for working with the primary care provider. 

A care guide for the Evaluation and Treatment of PASC in the outpatient setting has been published for reference for primary care providers, and is based on the findings and recommendations outlined in a recent publication in the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine. 

For more information about our clinic and requirements for scheduling an appointment, please see our Adult Post-Covid Clinic information page on 


PM&R Post-Covid Treatment Team