Cancer Rehabilitation Research

Research activities within the Cancer Rehabilitation Program are investigating new and exciting ways to help improve the quality of care given to people with a history of cancer and to reduce symptom burden in this population.

Currently active research projects include:

  • Studying the effects of interventional and non-interventional treatment for pain after breast cancer surgery
  • Assessing the overall symptom burden of patients with a history of cancer
  • Evaluating the improvement of function in patients with a cancer history who are undergoing inpatient rehabilitation
  • Studying and working to improve speech and cognitive function in patients with brain tumors who undergo surgery

Enrollment in these research projects is done through the Michigan Medicine Cancer Rehabilitation clinics. To be evaluated in this clinic, contact your oncologist or primary care physician, or call the Cancer Rehabilitation clinic at (734) 936-7175.

Dr. Sean Smith

Sean R. Smith, MD

Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Director, Cancer Rehabilitation Program
Adult Clinical Faculty