Positions Available


Postdoctoral Fellow in the CHAI Lab (Computational Human Analysis and Integration Lab)
Keywords: Machine learning, speech processing, and human-centered computing.



Post-Doctoral Fellow in Department of Psychiatry 
The desired candidate will contribute to the ongoing studies at the clinical level, interviewing participants, accessing and analyzing data as well as writing manuscripts.


Bipolar Research Fellowship
The Prechter Bipolar Research Program and the Richard Tam Foundation Fund with the Department of Psychiatry and Depression Center at the University of Michigan offer a Research and Clinical Fellowship training opportunity in translational research in bipolar disorder. This position is centered around an established longitudinal study of bipolar disorder that has been ongoing for 13 years. This study collects a broad spectrum of clinical and biological data and follows individuals bi-monthly with technology-based self-report assessment scales. The academic opportunities within the fellowship include integrated analyses with computational, genetic, and biological data with clinical outcomes measures. Read more about this position.