What does the Prechter logo symbolize?


Blue Signature Ribbon: We hope to establish the blue ribbon as a national symbol of the fight against bipolar disorder. The ribbon in the Prechter Program logo resembles the letter "P," commemorating Heinz Prechter's signature and reinforcing our research team's commitment to finding answers for bipolar disorder. 

Broken Circle: The blue ribbon is surrounded by a white circle. It represents the cycle of bipolar disorder. Always in search for balance and wellness in life, patients with bipolar disorder alternate between the poles of "mania" and "depression." The blue ribbon breaking through the circle signifies the Prechter Program's goal to advance breakthrough medical research to develop cures for the illness.

Colors: The "blue" and "white" of the Prechter logo reflects the state colors of Heinz Prechter's native home region of Bavaria in southern Germany. He proudly called himself an "American by choice." However, he always cherished his German heritage. The colors pay homage to an American patriot who never forgot his humble beginnings in his homeland of Germany.

Name: In May 2017, the University of Michigan named its entire bipolar disorder research program for Heinz C. Prechter, in honor of a gift commitment by the World Heritage Foundation - Prechter Family Fund.