Be Healed. Be Empowered. Be Set Free.

By Sheree Braswell

Sheree Braswell writes about her mental health journey in her blog and shares resources on her website

My name is Sheree Braswell, born and raised in Detroit, MI. I’m a mental health awareness advocate, minister, inspirational speaker, author, and lover of God and people. I love empowering and uplifting people, especially those with mental illness. My mission in life is to silence the shame, break the stigma and bring hope to others by being an example of seeking treatment and living a fulfilling life while managing bipolar disorder. I am humbled by my experiences in life and give credit to my faith in God for carrying me through every obstacle.

I am a graduate from Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and minor in Family Sociology. I plan to pursue a master’s in social work and become a therapist. I want to pay forward what I was looking for at the age of 16 years old being diagnosed with mental illness. My dream is to bring healing, hope, and restoration to the mental health community.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, journaling, spending quality time with family and friends, shopping, and going for a walk or doing a workout. I’m a dog lover and enjoy being around children. I enjoy laughing and making others do the same and smile. It brings joy to my heart to do so!

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