Past Research Projects

These studies are no longer actively recruiting. To learn more about participating in other research, please contact a research associate at 1-877-UM GENES (1-877-864-3637) or [email protected]

Adolescents at High Risk for Familial Bipolar Disorder Study

The Bio-K Study: Biomarker Development Ketamine Clinical Trial for Unipolar and Bipolar I or II Depression

BLOOM: Bipolar Longitudinal Outcome Measures

Circadian Rhythms in Bipolar Disorder

Clinical Trial - PGBD: Pharmacogenomics of Mood Stabilizer Response in Bipolar Disorder

ERP Study

Elucidating Inflammatory Markers of Suicidal Behavior

Exploring Audiovisual Emotion Perception using Data-Driven Computational Modeling

FDA Bupropion Study

Integrated Self-Management Apps to Enhance Outcomes for Medicaid Consumers

Mining Obstetric Outcomes Data Study: The MOODS of Moms

Modeling Mood Course to Detect Markers of Effective Adaptive Interventions

Nutritional Components of Psychiatric Disease and Treatment Response

Neurodegeneration and Bipolar Disorder

Phase Specific Variability in Bipolar Disorder

A Pilot Study of Functional Remediation for Bipolar Disorder: Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy

Prechter Program Collaboration with the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology

Prechter Program Collaboration with the University of Michigan Department of Psychology

PRIORI - Longitudinal Voice Patterns in Bipolar Disorder

Sleep Across Seasons Study (SASS)

Targeting the microbiome to improve clinical outcomes in bipolar disorder

The At-Risk Study: An Observational Longitudinal Study in Offspring of Parents with Bipolar Disorder

The GREAT II Study: Groups Receiving Exercise As Treatment

Brain Dynamics Underlying Reward Processing in Bipolar Disorder