BLOOM: Bipolar Longitudinal Outcome Measures

An online observational study of mood

The Prechter Program is proud to be conducting the largest long-term research study of bipolar disorder in the nation. This comprehensive, in-person longitudinal study of bipolar disorder has been following outcomes in bipolar disorder for over 18 years with a successful enrollment of nearly 1,500 participants. The BLOOM study was designed to increase our scope of participation in order to be able to collect an even larger amount of data on mood functioning.

BLOOM study participants will have an important impact on the program’s continued commitment to better understand the course of bipolar disorder and symptom variability across individuals over time.

This is an online only research study and all interactions will be done electronically. Participants will be asked to complete monthly questionnaires on mood, functioning, and energy levels on an ongoing basis.

We will look at mood symptoms over time in two groups of participants:
(1) Those with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.
(2) Those with no personal or family history of mental health disorders.

For the current phase of this study, only existing Michigan Medicine patients that are a part of the Michigan Genomics Initiative (HUM00071298) will be invited to enroll in BLOOM.

This study has received approval from: IRBMED HUM00172229