Elucidating Inflammatory Markers of Suicidal Behavior in Depression and Bipolar Disorder

The purpose of this study is to describe the relationship between toxoplasmosis, a parasitic
infection, and a presence or absence of past suicide attempts in individuals with major depressive
disorder or bipolar disorder. We are also looking at the role of inflammatory cytokines, a small protein released by cells that help fight disease, in this relationship. 

We will have participants complete a blood draw to collect plasma and serum to examine toxoplasma concentration. The samples will help us determine if a higher concentration of toxoplasma infection increases the likelihood of suicide behaviors and attempts in this population. Findings from this study will further our understanding of the biological factors that underlie suicidal behaviors and can be used to help tailor treatments for patients according to disease-related biological measures.

This study has received approval from: IRBMED HUM00091652

This study is funded by AFSP and is a collaborative between the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of Iowa.

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