Integrated Self-Management Apps to Enhance Outcomes for Medicaid Consumers

The study will evaluate acceptability, usability and appropriateness of the Life Goals dashboard with participating providers and patients to inform statewide scale-up of the Life Goals implementation package. 

The goal of the project is to further improve dissemination and implementation of an innovative mobile application (app), Life Goals. The Life Goals app is designed to enhance the ability of individuals with bipolar disorder to self-manage their symptoms daily. This project will further the implementation and effectiveness of the Life Goals app by working with CMH providers to develop a provider-facing dashboard for monitoring key patient metrics, including patient app use, engagement, and important symptoms.

Using focus group data from both providers and patients currently using the Life Goals mobile app, the project will gather information about what to develop for an initial build of the provider dashboard. Patient and provider surveys and focus groups will then be used to evaluate the acceptability, feasibility and appropriateness of the dashboard, as well as potential concerns about patient privacy, so as to best support both patient engagement and use of the app, as well as integration with the healthcare system and opportunities for patient-provider accountability and improved treatment. After further refining the dashboard, the project will then work with community mental health agencies and hospitals in Michigan who are currently disseminating the Life Goals app to their patients to implement the refined dashboard.

Life Goals is an evidence-based psychosocial intervention that includes health behavior change, psychotherapy and motivational enhancement strategies. The intervention uses an individualized approach, allowing people with mental health disorders to achieve their personal goals by linking them to tailored health behavior change and coping strategies for the symptoms they are experiencing.

This study has received approval from IRBMED: HUM000120802