November 5, 2018

New Video:

Paul Jenkins, Ph.D.: "Identifying and Developing More Effective Treatments for Bipolar Disorder"

Have you checked out our videos page
We just added a new video on Dr. Paul Jenkins' work. You can find it on the videos page - it is the 6th video from the top. 

In August 2018, One Mind awarded the Rising Star Bipolar Disorder Translational Research Award to Paul Jenkins, Ph.D. Dr. Jenkins is Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Psychiatry at the University of Michigan, and part of the Prechter Research Team. To identify and develop more effective treatments for bipolar disorder, Dr. Jenkins will use rodent models and patient-derived cell cultures to test his hypothesis that alterations in a protein (ankyrin-G) play a key role in this disorder. Dr. Jenkins will also investigate whether current treatments effectively target the ankyrin-G protein. 

Here is a direct link to this videotaped presentation on YouTube