July 9, 2019

Christine Ribbens Grimm, R.N., featured on podcast Being UnNormal

Topic: "Being Bipolar"

Kimberly Berry

Kimberly Berry, founder of the website "Being UnNormal," recently interviewed our clinical research nurse, Christine Ribbens Grimm, R.N., for a podcast on "Being Bipolar:"

"In the season four premiere we welcome guest Christine Ribbens Grimm with the Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Program out of the University of Michigan. We talk about what bipolar is, the different types of bipolar disorder, and break down the myths and reality of bipolar life. Christine also tells us about the exciting work happening in the program, and information about the longest running longitudinal study on bipolar."

You can listen to the podcast here. This website also features many other podcasts around different topics of mental health.