September 12, 2022

Prechter Program Director a Scientific Steering Committee Member for Newly Launched Global Bipolar Disorder Platform

Global Platform Launches to Transform Bipolar Disorder Research and Care

Breakthrough Discoveries for thriving with Bipolar DisorderBreakthrough Discoveries for thriving with Bipolar Disorder

On September 12th, 2022, a global platform with the aim of transforming bipolar disorder research and treatment was launched. BD2: Breakthrough Discoveries for thriving with Bipolar Disorder was created through a partnership between the Baszucki, Brin, and Dauten families and the Milken Institute, with the vision that breakthroughs in scientific understanding will create new interventions so that everyone living with bipolar disorder can thrive. It brings together a first-of-its-kind collaborative group of researchers, clinicians, philanthropists, and people with lived experiences to work together to improve the lives of people with bipolar disorder and those yet to be diagnosed. 

Prechter Program Director, Dr. Melvin McInnis, MD FRPsych, is part of the BD2 Scientific Steering Committee.

A core mission of BD2 is to provide unparalleled access to breakthrough insights on bipolar disorder, accomplished through four research programs. These programs are designed to share data, methods, and resources within the bipolar research community, providing scientists with new tools in their research. BD2 is currently accepting team science proposals and encourages innovative researchers and clinicians to apply.

To learn more about BD2, check out the website and follow BD2 on Twitter