October 10, 2022

2022 Newsletter & Impact Report

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Melvin McInnis, M.D., FRCPsych


"Welcome to our annual newsletter! As our mission states, the goal of the Prechter Program is to improve life for people living with bipolar disorder. There is always so much to talk about and many projects to highlight. We looked for a theme for this year and in a moment of reflection, a rather simple question came to mind:

What defines success for the Prechter Program?

Success is CONNECTIONS. The answer to this question forms the theme of this year’s newsletter and is summarized in one word: “Connected.” The energy of the Prechter Program is nothing short of stunning in the number of connections it fosters. Connected is part of our strategic plan, it is part of our culture, and is fundamental to our open science/open data approach to the challenges of bipolar disorder. Success stems from collaborations, relationships, and team science."

2022 Newsletter and Impact Report

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