Autumn Rae Florimbio, Ph.D.

T-32 Post-Doctoral Fellow, U-M Addiction Center


Autumn Rae Florimbio is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan Addiction Center in the Department of Psychiatry. Her research focuses on automatic (i.e., implicit) and controlled (i.e., explicit) processes that contribute to the development and maintenance of substance use, interpersonal violence, and risky sexual behaviors. She incorporates various research methods (e.g., survey, laboratory-based) and measures (behavioral, implicit reaction time, self-report) to optimize assessment of behavior. She is also interested in how individual differences (e.g., beliefs/attitudes, personality, emotion regulation) influence adherence to, and effectiveness of, treatments for substance use and concomitant behaviors. Her work aims to identify targets to inform prevention and intervention programming.

Areas of Interest


  • Dual-process models
  • Community-engaged research methods
  • Using technology in the prevention and early intervention of substance use to increase reach of and access to interventions
  • Employing innovative assessment methods and experimental designs to improve substance use outcomes



  • Substance use disorders
  • Cognitive behavioral therapies (DBT, CBT)
  • Acceptance- and mindfulness-based approaches
  • Psychological assessment


  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Tennessee
  • APA-Accredited Clinical Psychology Internship, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System
  • M.A., Substance Abuse Treatment Psychology, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • B.A., Psychology and Criminology, University of South Florida

Selected Publications

Florimbio, A. R., Walton, M. A., Duval, E. R., Bauermeister, J. A., Young, S. D., McAfee, J., & Bonar, E. E. (in press). Direct and indirect effects of cannabis risk perceptions on cannabis use frequency. Addiction Research & Theory.

Garner, A. R., Florimbio, A. R., Basting, E. J., Sullivan, J., Medenblik, A. M., Jensen, M. C., & Stuart, G. L. (2023). Alcohol use and compulsive sexual behaviors in college students: The moderating effect of alcohol-related sexual expectancies. Sexual Health and Compulsivity, 30(1),128-14.

Florimbio, A. R., Coughlin, L. N., Bauermeister, J. A., Young, S. D., Zimmerman, M. A., Walton, M. A., & Bonar, E. E. (2023). Risky drinking in adolescents and emerging adults: Differences between individuals using alcohol only versus polysubstances. Substance Use & Misuse, 58(2), 211–220.

Bonar, E. E., Bauermeister, J. A., Blow, F. C., Bohnert, A. S. B., Bourque, C., Coughlin, L. N., Davis, A. K., Florimbio, A. R., Goldstick, J., Wisnieski, D. M., Young, S. D., & Walton, M. A. (2022). A randomized controlled trial of social media interventions for risky drinking among adolescents and emerging adults. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 237, 109532.

Florimbio, A. R., Brem, M. J., Grigorian, H., Elmquist, J., Shorey, R. C., Temple, J. R., & Stuart, G. L. (2019). An examination of sexting, sexual violence, and alcohol use among men arrested for domestic violence. Archives of Sexual Behavior48, 2381–2387.