Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to carry out the work of the U-M Department of Psychiatry! Your generosity will support the wide range of clinical, research, and educational opportunities available within the department that are transforming lives every day.

The U-M Department of Psychiatry has a number of ongoing initiatives that rely on supporters like you to have a vital impact. For more information on these initiatives and other ways of supporting the Department of Psychiatry, contact Courtney Metzger at or (734) 232-0175.


Departmental Giving Opportunities

Chair’s Discovery Fund

Great ideas sometimes languish for lack of even modest funding support. The Chair’s Discovery Fund is a resource for the chair to help innovative ideas get off the ground. This support will allow faculty scientists to collect enough data to demonstrate the promise and potential of their work as a basis to seek larger levels of funding through foundations and federal grant mechanisms.

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Trauma and Grief Clinic Gift Fund

Gifts to the Trauma and Grief Clinic enable us to innovate around care, services and community outreach to children, adolescents and families who have significant histories of trauma or are facing trauma or bereavement. Our goal is to promote understanding and healing and to provide this population with care that is individually tailored to their developmental, cultural and other needs.

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Psychiatry Education Fund

Your contributions will help us underwrite our outstanding educational programs. Chief among these is our weekly Grand Rounds series, which showcases top-notch research and provides updates on evidence-based approaches to clinical care. These activities are an important part of the life of our department and academic community. 

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Geriatric Psychiatry Gift Fund

Our mission is to transform aging through innovative multidisciplinary mental health and dementia education, advocacy, clinical care and research to maximize the quality of life for patients, families and their communities.  Contributions to this fund will help support this mission by supporting pilot projects, education and training in new approaches, and community outreach.

General Fund  |  Trainee Travel Fund

The Women and Infants Mental Health Program

Gifts will support research and clinical service delivery focused on the experiences of women across the lifespan, with a specific attention anxiety and trauma. Key areas of effort include the study and treatment of parent-infant attachment difficulties as well as understanding the neurobiological and psychological interplay between mothers and their children.

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Sleep and Circadian Research Discovery Fund

To fund novel sleep and circadian research

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The Curtis Research Fund for Anxiety

George Curtis founded our Anxiety Disorders Clinic in 1978, making it the oldest Anxiety Clinic in America. This fund is used by the clinic director to help keep the University of Michigan Anxiety Disorders Program on the national forefront, in effectively treating those people tormented by crippling anxiety, and in advancing our scientific understanding of how the brain generates anxiety, how anxiety can become disabling, and how we can ameliorate its sometimes devastating impact. This fund is critical to helping us to launch new projects with seed money, providing critical sustenance to exciting projects that are in need of additional funding to bring to completion and full fruition, supporting important publications, and helping to educate the next generation of anxiety scientists.

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The Kenneth Chamberlain Scholarship Fund

This endowed fund, established to honor Dr. Kenneth Chamberlain, a beloved mentor and teacher to many who trained in our department, was created to ensure that top University of Michigan students need never be deterred by financial considerations from pursuing a psychiatry residency at Michigan. We aim to increase private support to offset the loan burden for fourth year UMMS students who match with our program, and at the same time, provide our department with an advantage in recruiting the best and brightest graduates from our Medical School.

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Starr Family Memorial Tribute Fund

The Starr Family Memorial tribute Fund provides travel grants to nursing and medical students to attend professional seminars or conferences related to the field of psychiatry. This endowment was established to memorialize and pay tribute to Jerry Starr Miller, RN, and Lillis Wood Starr, MD, women from a distinguished family line of physicians who achieved medical educations and spent careers delivering medical care.  Jerry Starr Miller was a career nurse who worked more than 25 years at Alhambra Psychiatric Hospital in California and was awarded Nurse of the Year there several times.  Her grandmother, Lillis Wood Starr, earned her medical degree from the University of Michigan in 1891. 

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The Matthew K. Smith Stuttering Research Fund

The Stuttering Research Program at University of Michigan conducts innovative research on the neurobiological bases of stuttering, with a long-term goal of developing effective new therapeutic interventions for people who stutter.

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Kenneth R. Silk Endowment Fund

Memorial donations made in honor of Dr. Kenneth Silk will support the Kenneth R. Silk, M.D. Endowment Fund. This fund will be used to help establish the Kenneth R. Silk, M.D. Lectureship in Psychiatry at the University of Michigan’s Medical School.

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Early Psychosis Innovation Fund

Gifts to the Early Psychosis Innovation Fund will be used to support innovative approaches to advance the mission and vision of the Program for Risk Evaluation and Prevention (PREP) Early Psychosis Clinic.

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Youth Support Team for Suicide Prevention

The YST program allows teens to choose their own care team (a coach, teacher, relative, neighbor, etc.) to help keep them mentally well. Your gift will enable us to learn more about how this intervention is helping suicidal teens and saving lives.

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Addiction Center Giving Opportunities

University of Michigan Addiction Innovation Fund

Gifts to the University of Michigan Addiction Center Innovation fund will be used for innovative approaches and activities that help to prevent, treat, and support recovery from addiction. Together, we can create a better future.

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University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services Fund

U-M Addiction Treatment Services delivers state-of-the-art treatment to promote recovery from addictions. This fund supports education and training of providers in novel state-of-the-art treatment approaches.

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Patrick Gibbons Memorial Fund

The Patrick Gibbons Memorial Fund honors the memory of Dr. Gibbons, a passionate clinician who touched many lives in the pursuit of recovery from addiction. This fund provides addiction education for those in pursuit of recovery and fosters patient, family and community outreach efforts.

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